Top tips to cut summer holiday costs

It’s time to start thinking about your summer holiday plans, families across the globe are planning their annual travel. Most people travel overseas in search of sea, sand and sun. There are holidays to suit everyone’s budget, people like to make their holiday as special as possible so it is a good idea to save money where you can. A great option for cheap summer holidays is to take a look at a 2014 holiday with Cosmos. With people are trying to save money in different areas of their daily lives, it is always great to see if you can save some pennies on your summer holiday. Here’s a list of some tips to help you save money this summer:

Be flexible

You may be intent on a particular destination and don’t want to go anywhere else, but it is worth your while to be flexible about your destination. If you look at other options you may be able to find a better value holiday. Usually places that are with in easy reach of your home country will cost you less, this is because they only involve a short haul flight.

Book at the right time

If you are prepared to be flexible about your destination and you don’t mid leaving a short notice, you may be able to get a fantastic bargain. It doesn’t suit everyone but if you leave your booking to the last minute you will probably end up saving a lot of money. If you have kids then it is obviously the best idea to book in advance, for the best deal on your summer holiday book as far in advance as you can.

Look at other options

One of the simplest ways to save money is to choose a three-star hotel instead of a four-star hotel, or another way is to rent a villa or apartment. If you are in a large group or with your family, then you should look at self catering accommodation, it will allow you to manage your budget easily.

Travel during the week

People are used to setting off on their holiday at the weekends, but you should remember that flights and accommodation are usually cheaper during the weekdays. If you travel mid-week then you will be sure to save money. Also, check about other airports, usually airports have different airlines flying out of them that will offer different offers.

Have a holiday fund


The best way to save cash for your holiday is to keep putting money aside each week or month before your holiday. If you start saving as soon as you can it will make paying for your holiday a lot easier. For example, if you and your partner can put aside one hundred pounds a month, by the time you book your holiday you will probably have money left over to spend when you’re overseas.

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