Keep Your Mind off the Long Haul Flight With These Great Tips


It took a while, but you finally found the perfect flights, a great hotel at a reasonable price and you know exactly what you’re going to pack to take on your next adventure…if only you knew how you were going to cope with the long flight. If this sounds like you, here are some great tips to making that long flight more bearable.



Instead of taking a selection of your favorite books, consider downloading them onto your tablet or e-reader prior to traveling. Not only does this save space, it allows you to take almost as many as you like, saving you from having to select just a few.



Of course, you can’t read the entire journey, but you’ll still need a distraction. If there’s a puzzle game that your friends all seem to be playing, take this as the perfect opportunity to master its techniques and give them a real challenge upon your return.



If music is more your thing to escape, now is the perfect time to set up a travel playlist. While your phone or music player likely includes your entire library, setting up a playlist before you travel stops you from hitting the ‘next’ button every three songs and lets you drift away.

If you’re worried about a screaming baby or a talkative passenger, consider upgrading to some noise cancelling headphones. You can grab some great Groupon coupons for stores like Birchbox that have products to drown out any unwanted noise.



Before you say it, yes, it’s likely that your aeroplane is going to have in-flight entertainment on board…but, what if it doesn’t. What if you have the seat which isn’t working, or you simply can’t find anything to suit your tastes. Similar to our music tip, download some movies or the last few episodes or your favorite TV show you want to finish and put them on your phone or tablet before you fly. It could be the difference between watching a movie and staring at a screen that isn’t working.


Whichever of the above you choose, or all, be sure that they will be available offline. Take it from a seasoned traveler – there’s nothing worse than getting up in the air, taking out your tablet or phone, opening up your favorite method of entertainment and realising it all needs an internet connection before you can access it.

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