How to select the right camper van


If you are planning to head to New Zealand for your next holiday I am sure that you have considered hiring a camper van, it is without question one of the best ways to see the country. It’s such a vast and beautiful country, having your own camper van is absolutely ideal because you are free to explore this amazing place at your own pace and with own plan. Of course you may be thinking about joining a guided tour or using public transport, but hiring a camper van is still the most popular way to get out and explore. You should check out camper van hire company in New Zealand hire to see what amazing deals are on offer, I’m sure that when you see the options you will be behind the wheel of a camper van in no time at all!

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The first thing that you should be aware of that there is always a bit of a compromise when it comes to comfort of your camper van’s interior and the comfort level of driving. For example, if you want a big luxurious camper van then it will obviously be a little trickier to drive because it is a big vehicle. If you flip that around, a less spacious camper van which isn’t as big will be a lot easier to handle on the road. You should sit down a think about what size you realistically need – it all depends on the number of people that you are travelling with. A good thing to note at this point is that beds are called ‘berths’ in camper vans, so if you see a listing for a 6 berth camper van it means that there are 6 beds inside.

Before you hire your camper van there are several things for you to consider. If you haven’t hired a camper van before, here are some essential tips that you must consider before you confirm any vehicle hire. They will help you choose the right camper van for you and your travel companions.

– Decide the size of camper van that you need. You need to work out how many berths you need for a comfortable trip

– Check to see if there is a better price for camper vans that have a bit of mileage on them, they may be cheaper than a modern camper with all the latest tech.

– Draw up a seating plan. Deciding how everyone will fit in is important, if you have kids you need to see where they will all sit and how easy it will be to keep things in order.

– If you are bringing the kids with you then you must make sure that the camper van you choose has 3-point seat belts.

РSome Auckland based campervan hire companies will offer things such as a bike rack on the back of your camper van, if you are planning to hire some bikes so that you can explore even more when you are parked up check that this service is available.


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