How to choose the best place for your honeymoon!


If you’re reading this, congratulations on your wedding to be or your wedding just gone! This significant life event is a special time where you have found the person of your dreams and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. After your vows have been spoken and the special day you both shared is over you have your honeymoon to look forward to, which is equally as special as the big day itself. This is the period where you the newlyweds take a break to share an intimate and private moment together; this helps cement your love and commitment to one another, and your future relationship.


Of course your honeymoon has to be special and picking the right destination is a very important choice to make, you only get to make it once (unless you renew your vows then a second honeymoon is always an option). Expectations of luxury honeymoons are high whether relaxing on an idyllic paradise island or discovering a far-flung place together, choosing your fairy-tale honeymoon can be challenging. So, if you haven’t decided on a romantic European getaway or a secluded beach island paradise here are some of the top destinations for honeymoons in 2015.

The Indian Ocean with its many islands, crystal clear waters and powder white sands it’s synonymous with love and romance and whether you pick Maldives, Mauritius or the Seychelles it will be a holiday you’ll never forget..

Mexico is ideal if you like to party the night away but also want luxury hotels and stunning beaches. With the Latin vibe all around you it’s hard not to get involved with this vibrant place, a great destination to start of your married life together

The Caribbean After the stresses of the wedding the Caribbean’s laid back attitude takes relaxing and unwinding seriously, kick back on some of the nicest beaches in the world whilst sharing a nice rum cocktail together.

The Far East If you’re looking for something a bit more far-flung and different to the usual honeymooning destinations then how about a honeymoon to the Far East with places such as Thailand and Borneo offering some great resorts, with great cuisines and inspiring sun-sets. These amazing places could make your honeymoon even more special.

Europe looking for somewhere a bit closer to home then Europe has some has some great destinations to visit on this special holiday, whether the Romantic city of  Paris or sharing your love on a gondolier ride through the city of Venice, Europe has a lot to offer for newly-weds on their honeymoon.

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