Great Reasons to Rent Your House Without an Agent

Man showing a car key
Man showing a car key

It is becoming increasingly popular to rent a house with out an an agent these days, with the power of the internet growing and people becoming more aware of the process more and more people are choosing to rent their house by themselves. There are endless reasons why this is a good idea, I have put three reasons below why I think it is superb for everyone that is looking to save on costs and get the best deal available  them. If you would like to see why it is becoming more popular to rent house in Australia without agent then click here to to get more information and become enlightened as to how you can start the process today.

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I chose to rent my house without an agent, I can tell you it was probably one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Here are the main benefits that I saw during this process and why I think that people in the same position should follow suit.

It can be expensive

It really can be a pricey venture when you hire an agent. Sometimes the amount they will charge is not fair at all, it will leave you feeling extremely demoralised when the process is completer. Remember that you are probably able to do the job that they are doing, you will also only be focusing on your property and not on various different properties like an agent will.

You care

Remember that you care more about the property and the income that you can make from it. For example, if the person renting your house fall behind with their rent, who will care more, you or the agent? The agent will not have sleepless nights about the fact that you have not been paid on time.

No delay with decisions

When you make decisions you will not have to go through an agent to reach the client, you will have direct contact with the client. So you will never miss out on a deal because the agent couldn’t get hold of quickly enough of vice versa! Having the client’s number on your phone makes the whole thing more personal and gives you a better working relationship with you prospective tenants – it’s the best way to start the whole renting journey, together.

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