Formentera, rural paradise


Formentera is the perfect place for all kinds of holiday trips, be it with the family, with our couples or with friends. There are a lot of distinct spot in the island, but in this article we are going to talk about rural tourism and how we can enjoy to the fullest from day one.


In the island we can find a good number of rural establishments that can be of interest to people wishing for a quiet and natural stay, and with this type of lodging you can discover the flora and fauna of the island, as well as staying a relaxed place, so you can enjoy of the nice weather and temperatures of the island.

Even though some of these places are located far away from the nearby urban core, there is the possibility to visit Formentera with a bike, which will give us a lot more freedom and will give us the opportunity of visiting places that a car or the public transport would be unable to carry us.

The island, in particular its website, has all kinds of options to enjoy the island on display, for example:


Scuba Diving: Formentera’s waters are perfect for diving, mainly due to the perfect temperature and the great visibility under water, as well as its rich marine flora and fauna. It is truly a sight to see.


Navigation: For the exact same reasons as in scuba diving, the island of Formentera is a perfect place to sail, for the soft and nice summer winds offer the type of sea weather perfect for those looking for some tranquil sailing, and the strong winter weather offers some rough and tough sailing for those looking for a more extreme activity.


Green circuits: Formentera’s government incites people that visit the island to take a walk through the various natural paths marked, but these paths are restricted to walking and biking, since they are protected under Formenteran law.


Most importantly, the island offers activities for all ages, making it the perfect place to visit with children, since we will find a good number of activities focused mainly for kids, always in a natural and sports environment.



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