Finland – the perfect winter destination for a family activity holiday

Do you know any kid in the world that doesn’t love christmas? I know I don’t! If you ever think about taking your family away for a christmas break then look no further than Finland. In the summer Finland is warm but in the winter it has all the traditional christmas weather that you are looking for. The reason that the family will love the place is because you will find little other places that offer so many Activities Abroad. During christmas, the Finnish Lapland has everything that christmas dreams are made of. Here is a list of ten reasons why Finland will make for the perfect winter destination for you and your family.



The largest ski reassert in Finland is called Levi, it is located in the west of Lapland. Here you will find great snowfall and fantastic slopes, the best thing is that the slopes are not crowded which allows for you and your family to ski together without getting lost in the crowd. There are 43 slopes in total, perfect for the family!

Go and see Santa Claus

No visit to Finnish Lapland can go without a visit to Santa Claus village, this is where Santa lives! Visiting here will make any child’s christmas, this is as good as it gets for a kid at christmas. At the village you can visit Santa’s post office, Santa’s grotto, the small theme park that has lots of famous rides and other attractions.

Northern Lights

When the sun has gone down, the Northern Lights brighten up the sky. It is easy to say that the Northern Lights are the main reason why people visit or wish to visit Finland, they are on the bucket list of nearly all world travellers.

Visit the forests

The place to go to see the most beautiful snow covered forests you will ever see are in the Syote National Park, you can walk through the forests exploring the pine trees that are over 500 years old. If you and your family is feeling energetic you can trek up to the summit and take in the magnificent 360 degree views, you might even be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on a clear day. This will be one of the highlights of your trip to Finland.

Take some exciting modes of transport

Here in Finnish Lapland you can use a variety of different transport to get around, there’s the choice of snowmobiles, husky sleds or reindeers. The tours can be organised through your hotel or any reputable tour agency. The best things to do are snowmobile safaris, husky sled rides that will let you see the rivers and forests. Kids will love the reindeer tours, you can even try your hand at driving a reindeer sled.

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