Boutique Industry – Mumbai’s Best Little Shopping Spots

Mumbai is packed with bustling markets and color-soaked shops, so it can be difficult to find the true local treasures tucked away in the buzzy atmosphere. Here, we give you the inside scoop on a few of our favorite places to browse clothing, cosmetics and one-of-a-kind gifts.
Bandit Queen

If textiles are your obsession, put Bandit Queen on the top of your to-do list. This Lalbaug Market spot houses a dazzling array of fabrics, clothing and scarves in an expertly designed space. You’ll find another location at Le Mill, but this showroom is an incredible place to get a first peek.

Indian Hippy

The name may conjure images of twinkling bell bracelets and patchwork maxi skirts, but the treasures within this tucked-away shop are nothing of the sort. Here, you’ll find hand-painted Bollywood film posters and cinema memorabilia galore. It borders on kitsch, but we’re talking kitsch of the highest quality.

Kryolan City

Beauty gurus, we’ve found your heaven. This cosmetics shop sells everything you’d ever need to grace your face: high-impact lipsticks, richly pigmented eye shadows and a serious range of faux lashes. You’ll even find film-ready prosthetics and convincing fake scars, so make this your first stop when you’re on the invite list for a costume party.


Though Mumbai doesn’t hurt for boutiques brimming with intricate, delicate laces, Hi-Touch adds a fresh sense of style to the mix. This finely curated shop feels more like a gallery than a store. Its laces, sari trims, beads and stones are displayed with an artist’s eye, and you can spend hours simply gazing at the wares. Fill out a credit card application before you go; it’s tough to resist buying everything on first sight.

Wanna Party

When you’re in the mood for a unique celebration, Wanna Party makes quick work of the details. This store offers party-perfect goods — balloons, decorations, games and hats to name just a small selection of items — and it’s all laid out by age group and interest. Bring your little ones for an extra-fun adventure.

Forest Essentials

You could spend your afternoon at a serene spa, or you could go to Forest Essentials; the resulting tranquility, we promise, is essentially the same. This boutique features its own line of skin products that waft of jasmine, honey and tuberose. Plus, the items are cold pressed and entirely natural, so you’re getting only the highest quality.


If you think paper is a run-of-the-mill item, head to Chimanlals to have your mind changed. This Wallace Street shop features a jaw-dropping assortment of handmade paper goods that incorporate natural elements like flowers, silk and jute. The results are Hindu-inspired but completely their own: a selection of wrapping paper, books and cards that inspire a new fascination with the art of the written word.

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