Best Things To Do In West India


Western India consists of a number of states and is bordered by Pakistan and the Arabian Sea. A huge plus for those wishing to make their way out into this cultural cocktail are the small differences between each region, offering each and everyone something a little different. States such as Goa and Rajasthan are noted for being tourist-magnets, so annual travel insurance is advisable, and go out of their way to offer amenities for potential tourists.

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Whilst the state of Goa is reasonably small, it is popular with tourists thanks to its beaches and cultural attractions. With miles and miles of coastline, relaxing at the beach is one of the prime choices of entertainment for visitors to this part of the world. Renowned names such as Anjuna and Palolem offer fantastic scenery and clean beaches.

Those looking the other way may wish to visit the wildlife parks with Bondla standing out as one of the more enticing with its range of exotic wildlife. There are a number of Butterfly Conservatories as well, allowing visitors to explore for free whilst watching something a little different.

Sat in the northwest of the country, Rajasthan is home to the Thar Desert which also houses one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, the Aravallis Range. The Indian heritage is one of the popular attractions of this region and there are a number of forts and temples dotted around the state, most available for tourists and locals to visit.

A Desert Safari is also in order, a great chance to get out and about and explore the state’s vast natural world. The tour around the Thar Desert also takes in some of the small, pristine villages in the area, offering tourists a chance to grab a priceless souvenir.

Mumbai is a name known and uttered around the world; it is one of Indian’s most thriving locations and is the business and economic hub of the country as well as the nation’s exotic answer to Hollywood. From tours to temples, cruises and cooking workshops, there is no lack of activities to engage in. Bollywood is, obviously, a big attraction to visitors so a trip to Film City will definitely be in order.

Cultural attacks are great to experience and the sheer delight, colour and intense force of the festivals that are staged in the city will appeal to all ages. The Mumbai Festival, held in January, is the biggest, encompassing a number of categories including film, music, sports, dance and food. There are also a number of religious festivals, highlighting the country’s affinity for their rich culture and deep heritage.


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